Casino deposit methods explained: the best eWallets

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Finding effective online casino deposit methods is oh-so important.

Not only do you want your funds to reach your casino site safely and securely, but it would also be nice if the deposit method could be affordable and easy to use.

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Provide an email address and password before then entering your personal details.

At this point, you can then link a credit card, debit card, or bank account.

With PayPal casinos, you can then deposit by only entering your login information.

Naturally, it’s much safer to keep your personal financial information at arm’s length when using PayPal. In terms of functionality, you can also benefit from these features:

• One Touch: Once logged in, you can pay instantly for all of your casino deposits. This saves you re-entering details during a long gaming session.

• PayPal mobile app: Visit Google Play to download PayPal on Android apps, while iPhone and iPad users can find their version on the App Store. The app is designed to help you track all of your deposits, withdrawals, purchases, and transactions.

PayPal fees are free when using a bank account or debit card, but a credit card shall incur a 3.4% charge along with a small fee of €0.35. Small fees might also be incurred on currency conversions and cross-border payments, so make sure to check when depositing.

PayPal verdict: PayPal is very easy to use and has become even stronger through the introduction of One Touch and the mobile app. Although there are fees, you can generally minimize these by using your bank account.


NETELLER is very similar to PayPal in that you start off by entering your email address, password, and personal details to create an account.

A micro-transaction later and you will have then linked one of the accepted payment methods, which can include VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, Boku, paysafecard, and more.

So long as you routinely update your device, browser, security, and password, you stand an even better chance of staying safe when making NETELLER casino deposits.

A simple login will grant you access to deposits, but make sure to sign out after your gaming session.

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• NETELLER mobile app: Download NETELLER to Android or iOS and you will get to complete transactions using a personal PIN. In addition to making casino deposits, you can seamlessly track your transactions.

• NETELLER rewards: Being a NETELLER user will grant you access to the eWallet’s reward system. Transactions gradually unlock points that can be exchanged for cash later on. You can also have access to special NETELER promotions.

NETELLER accepts an encyclopaedic range of payment methods, but some of those will incur service fees.

Most notably, it’s free to deposit with VISA, VISA Debit, or VISA Electron. At the time of withdrawal, these are the common fees:

• Bank draft: €7.50 to €25.00
• Bank transfer: €7.50
• Member wire: €10.50
• NETELLER merchant sites: free
• Money transfer: 1.45% [minimum fee: $0.50]
• Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: free to €1.75%

NETELLER verdict: A great thing about this deposit method is that NETELLER casino sites are very easy to find.

You should also like the NETELLER app and the low-fee deposit options.

However, it can be challenging to find the right withdrawal method to avoid the transaction fees.


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Skrill is another eWallet that can be setup in only a few minutes.

Submit your personal details and password before then confirming a payment method in one of the 40 global currencies that suits you.

Credit and debit cards are common payment methods, but you can also link your bank account.

Skrill casino deposits are extremely common because of the secure nature of the eWallet, as players get to withhold their more sensitive pieces of information.

As a Skrill user, you can start to benefit from these features:

• Skrill mobile app: A dedicated app has been designed for both Google Play and the App Store. As such, Android and iOS users alike can keep a close eye on their Skrill deposits and withdrawals.

• VIP programme: Enter the programme for the chance to lower the transaction fees.

• Exclusive betting offers: As a major casino deposit method, Skrill often provides exclusive offers from the worlds of casino and sports betting.

In terms of Skrill fees, it can cost 1.45% to send funds to another eWallet or email address.

When depositing, however, you can do so without fees when using bank transfer, Fast Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, VISA, American Express, and paysafecard, along with several others.

Withdrawals can then cost 7.50% by VISA, while bank transfer is flat at €5.50.

Skrill verdict: Skrill casino sites provide a similar type of service to PayPal and NETELLER, what with this eWallet also having its own apps on Android and iOS.

However, please think carefully about your withdrawal method. Paying a set €5.50 fee on each withdrawal is much cheaper than giving up 7.50% of your entire sum of winnings.


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