Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Here at, we fully understand the need to encourage responsible gambling.

At this point, it is clear that gambling carries potential risks for some individuals to develop problematic habits.

In meeting our legal and moral responsibilities, follows all content guidelines recommended by our online sportsbook partners that are dictated in line with regulations from the UK Gambling Commission.


If you are ever concerned about your gambling habits, then you should seek support from GamCare.

This is a UK-based organisation that was established to provide support and counselling to problem gamblers. When you visit GamCare, support will be available via a telephone helpline, live chat, or an interactive web forum.

GamCare does not just exist to support problem gamblers, but also their friends and family members.

So, if you find that you are concerned by the gambling activities of a friend or family member, then you should reach out to GamCare to receive advice for handling the situation.


GambleAware is another UK organisation dedicated to providing support in the field of problem gambling.

By design, GambleAware is an independent charity that sources the funds needed to enable organisations deliver the personal support and counselling needed by problem gamblers.

For years now, GambleAware has also engaged in the research of problem gambling, which has helped to further understanding of this damaging issue.

In turn, this has resulted in the British public developing a greater awareness of problem gambling, while politicians have also been made aware of the need to deliver funding to the area.

What You Can Do Today

If you have immediate concerns about your gambling activities, then there are several forms of action that you can take:

• Explore responsible gambling functions: Some sportsbooks provide self-assessment tests to help you determine the extent of problem gambling issues. And you might also find alerts to help you keep track of your depositing and wagering activity.

• Set deposit limits: This is not simply a matter of saying to yourself that you will only stake a maximum of £10 in a day. Your sportsbook will give you the option of assigning definitive deposit limits whether you want them to be daily or weekly.

• Take a break: There are some sports betting sites that will enable you to request a denial of access to your account for perhaps a day or a couple of weeks. This is to give you time to thing about you activities.

• Consider self-exclusion: One of the strongest courses of action is to request self-exclusion from your sportsbook. For example, this could take the form of six months, one year, two years, or longer.

• Block betting sites: Perform a Google search for “block betting sites” and you can search for software that will prevent your from accessing them on your device.

• Seek personal support: GamCare is one of the many incredible UK organisations and charities that provide support for problem gambling.

Thank you for reading this vital discussion of responsible gambling. Please seek out further information from GamCare if you have any in-depth queries.