How to play online sic bo

How to play online sic bo – Detailed Guide

Sic bo won’t usually be featured among the top table games of an online casino site.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that players should write off online sic bo, as this dice game is actually somewhat of a gem.

Like most table games, playing sic bo online will require that you learn the rules.

However, when you know how to play sic bo, you can start gaming through rounds at an impressive pace of play.

Over the course of this online sic bo guide, shall shine a light on the origins of the guide before going on to explain the rules, payouts, odds, strategy, and any other morsels of information that could be useful to your experience.

History of sic bo

The roots of sic bo date back to the days of ancient China, so it’s amazing to think that the game has endured to the present, and to the point that you have sic bo casinos online.

For instance, Microgaming casino sites have a version that can be played with a 97.22% return payout rate.

After emerging in China, sic bo then moved on to be played in other Asian countries before later reaching the shores of America, early in the 20th century.

Sic bo is typically featured in the Asian areas of American casinos, while it competes with baccarat to be the most popular table game at Macau casinos.

Online sic bo rules

Anybody who knows what a craps table looks like will make the obvious comparison with sic bo.

In a sense, this is the Chinese version of craps, but the two vary in that sic bo is played with three dice instead of two.

As you would expect, there are more potential outcomes that can occur, which is why the betting table is different. At a glance, there are all sorts of betting combinations to choose from, with the payouts listed accordingly.

First-timers should always play sic bo in a non-live environment, either online or offline. The rounds are simply too past faced and you will not have time to take in the potential sic bo betting decisions that are to be made.

When sitting at Microgaming sic bo table, there are all manner of wagering combinations that can be made. In terms of the multiples, it’s possible to do so with chips valued at €1, €5, €25, and €100.

Please note that the minimum wager is from €1 when playing sic bo at Microgaming casinos online.

And although €500 is shown as the largest multiple, it should be noted that that largest possible stake can be €180 when backing the small and large bets.

Online sic bo payouts and bets

After making a stake on sic bo, the game will begin by rolling three dice. And whether you win or not will depend on what the dice show and which wagers your have places.

As you can see from the table below, there are so many different betting possibilities, especially when playing at Microgaming casinos.

There are so many formats out there when it comes to sic bo betting options, payouts, and house edge.

From Macau and Southeast Asia to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, there will be slight variations across all land-based casinos. And the same can also be said of online casino sites, so there is a lot of variation out there.

For the sake of simplicity, is going to show you a table of the betting options, payouts, house edges, and probabilities of playing sic bo at Microgaming casinos.

Varying payouts can alter house edge, so it is important to display all of this information in order to show how all of it combine.

Sic bo payout cheat sheet

TypeWagerProbabilityPayouts*House Edge*
BigThe score is from 11 to 17, except for a triple number48.61%1/12.78%
SmallThe score is from 4 to 10, except for a triple number48.61%1/12.78%
OddOdd score, except for a triple48.61%1/12.78%
EvenEven score, except for a triple48.61%1/12.78%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)4 or 171.40%62/112.50%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)5 or 162.80%31/111.11%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)6 or 154.60%18/112.04%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)7 or 146.90%12/19.72%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)8 or 139.70%8/112.50%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)9 or 1211.60%7/17.41%
Three dice total (score falls from 4 to 17)10 or 1112.50%6/112.50%
Specific triplesThe same number on three dice0.46%180/116.20%
Specific doublesThe same number on two dice7.41%10/118.50%
Any triplesAny number lands three times2.80%30/116.20%
Domino – same faceThis involves picking for two exact numbers to appear on two of the diceN/A11/111.10%
Domino – two facesSelect two unique numbers from those displayed in the dice portion of the betting tableN/A5/12.78%
One faceBacking one number to appear on each die, with the payouts scaling up for every winN/A12/1; 2/1; 1/13.70%
*Microgaming casinos

Online sic bo strategy

The table above is a simple reflection of the fact that the most probable outcomes will deliver the lowest payouts. Ultimately, you want to find an optimal level of balance for odds, payouts, and house edge.

Of course, what every player wants will most certainly be different, but there are smarter bets to be made.

Right now, let’s take a look at some of the most optimal betting options that can be integrated as part of your sic bo betting strategy:

  • Big, small, odd, or even: these are certainly not the most glamorous bets, but they are great entry points for new players, as the house edge is 2.78% and the probability is a healthy 48.61%, while the payout is even-money.

  • Three dice total: be careful with these bets. A 9 or 12 delivers a 7/1 payout with a house edge of just 7.41% and a 7/1 payout. Comparatively, the 10 or 11 offers only a 6/1 payout, but the house edge is nearly double at 12.50%. Make sure to check carefully for the three dice totals, so as to ensure everything is in your favour.

  • Domino two-faces: Once you are familiar with the table, it’s tough to overlook this bet. The advantage is that you have a 2.78% house edge and a great 5/1 payout. These are reasons enough to make this bet. Look to the two dice listing on the table, where you can see the various two dice combinations that can be backed.

  • Alternative bets: there are many more quirky betting options, but these are tough to win from. Basically, you can try backing three dice totals and then maybe a specific triple. So long as you’re able to bring in frequent winnings, you can try to cover the specific triple, which can pay off massively with 180/1 if it does hits.

Sic bo might appear to be a complex game at a first glance, but hopefully this guide has clarified enough details to let you get started.

You don’t need to make complex bets in order to enjoy sic bo and target some winnings.

And please remember that is a rich source of knowledge of everything online gambling. Check out the many reviews and guides that are right here and at your disposal.


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