Fintastic Fishing Slot Review

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Fintastic Fishing Slot Review

Slot Details

Fintastic Fishing is an online slot developed by Foxium, powered by Microgaming online casinos, released on May 13th 2024.

This is a fishing slot with a lot of features, where the players will get to enjoy their favorite sport with prizes up to 10,000x the bet.

Slot Data

Min bet:00.20$
Max bet:25.00$
Max win:10,000x
Type:Video Slot
Release:May 2024
Free Spins:Yes
Bonus Features:Yes

Slot Design

Fintastic Fishing has a slightly bigger 5×4 gameboard with 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 fixed paylines.

The slot’s RTP is 96.16%, the volatility is set to MEDIUM and the hit rate is 24.41%.

The minimum bet per spin starts from 0.20$, while the maximum bet reaches 25.00$, with a maximum winnings capped at 250,000$.

The bet menu Foxium has used for years is literally the one we’ve always liked and believed it will get more popular as it allows players to select the desired wager with one click. Fast forward 2 years and now most slots are pushing this style as it’s convenient.

The settings menu is something they can improve as it only allows us to mute all sounds, rather than turn off the music or the sounds, a choice players usually want.

Overall the UI is great, the symbols and animations are very well done, and the slot’s animated background makes the game feel interactive.

Slot Features

  • Wilds: The wilds in this slot substitute for all symbols but Fintastic Fish, Multiplier Upgrade, Angler and Free Spins symbols.

You’ll see this symbol during base game and free spins quite a lot, but it doesn’t really mean much. The bread and butter of this slot is the Fintastic Fish and its prizes.

  • Fintastic Cash Catch Feature: Whenever you land an Angler on reel 5 with a bunch of Fintastic Cash prizes around those would be collected and awarded immediately.

If you have a bait booster that’s higher than 1x, that would be applied to each cash prize before it’s collected.

  • Bait Booster: During base game, an up arrow symbol would show up and increase the bait booster by 1x up to a total of 10x.

Whenever the Fintastic Cash Catch feature triggers, the multiplier will be applied to all prizes and then would reset back to 1x.

  • Free Spins: Landing at least one Fintastic Fish symbol on each reel triggers the free spins feature. The feature starts with 5 free spins. During the feature each reel has its own creel with a certain cash value. Landing Fintastic Fish (may contain jackpot vlaue) or a Multiplier symbol will increase their values.

The symbols can also have up to 5 extra free spins on them. The added cash values can be from 1x to 500x, while the multiplier can be from 2x to 5x. These symbols are also 2 of a kind, one of them will be only applied to the creel above the reel where it has landed the other will be applied to ALL creels. The symbols that apply to all creels will have a “all” text on them. The collect symbols are also 2, one of the like on the screen above collects the creel above the reel, the other one will collect all creels. During this feature we did not manage to land much or collect anything, so the total payout was only 1.8x

  • Super Free Spins: This feature is available only from the Game Shop at a 300x cost. During the free spins there are bigger rewards and higher chances for multiplier and all creels increase.

Though we started originally with 5 free spins we kept getting more and more. On this screen we landed a collect all symbol which a 1,000x from all creels on a single spin. But this wasn’t all of it and the best was yet to come. The bigger each creel gets the bigger prizes you start to collect. The creel on reel 1 because 1,400x with the rest being around 100x each.

After a total of 66 super free spins we managed to get a total payout of 5,049.6x which was the biggest number we’ve ever seen testing any game out there. We bought a few more super free spins just to see how lucky this was and it was very very lucky. Two of the times we bought it we’ve got anywhere from 5x to 8x payout, twice we managed to get 500x and once a 300x meaning we broke even. Overall this is a very hit or miss feature so proceed with caution.

  • Buy Feature: You can purchase the normal free spins for a 100x or the super free spins with boosted chances of right about everything for 300x.

We enjoyed the super free spins whenever they were lucrative, but also felt like a big hit or miss for the cost. Sadly the super free spins can only be bought and cannot be triggered.


Fintastic Fishing is really a fantastic fishing slot which offers a lot of features with decent trigger rates.

The slot has a max prize of up to 10,000x and will keep your entertained during your gameplay as we did not feel or see any “dry” times.

In addition the slot offers Free Spins which are really interesting with some crazy possibilities for prizes.

The most fun feature however is locked behind a paywall which is the Super Free Spins which give you bigger prizes and higher chances for multipliers and collect all prizes.

This was hands down the most lucrative and fun thing about the slot, but the cost is 300x and it appears that the volatility during that feature is HIGH. We managed to get anywhere from 6x to 5,000x return and yeah the 6x wasn’t fun but the 5,000x was.

Overall this is a decent slot with great 3D graphics, nice animations and lucrative prizes.


Mitko Atanasov

Mitko Atanasov is a highly respected expert in the online casino and slot review industry, boasting over 14 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing unbiased and accurate reviews, empowering players to make informed decisions. His vast knowledge and expertise make him a trusted source of information for both novice and experienced players.

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  • What’s the maximum I can win, while playing Fintastic Fishing online slot?

    You can win up to 10,000x your stake, where the maximum bet of this slot is 25.00$, so the maximum winnings can be as high as 250,000$.

  • Is Fintastic Fishing online slot available in my country?

    Fintastic Fishing is an online slot available in our promoted Microgaming online casinos. To check the list of the available countries open up the casino review of your choice and scroll down to ‘Available Countries’. If you see your country in the list, the casino takes players from your country and this slot will be available to you. This slot is NOT available in the US through our promoted Microgaming online casinos.

  • What’s the volatility of Fintastic Fishing online slot?

    The volatility/variance of the Fintastic Fishing online slot is MEDIUM. What does that mean in terms of win frequency and win size? It means average in terms of hit win frequency and average in terms of win size, when that actually happens. The general rule is the less frequently a slot hits, the bigger the prize is.

  • What’s the RTP of Fintastic Fishing online slot?

    The RTP of the Fintastic Fishing online slot is 96.16%. What does that mean? That 3.84% of the total bets will be kept by the casino, while 96.16% of the bets on this online slot will be returned to the players as winnings.

  • Why is Fintastic Fishing online slot rated 7 out of 10?

    We have deducted 3 points from Fintastic Fishing because of the super free spins. This is the most fun feature of the slot yet it’s locked behind a 300x paywall so those who won’t want to spend cash will never see it. While the normal free spins offer the same features, the super free spins have higher chances and it’s really noticeable

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