Immortal Romance II Slot Review

Slot Rating 9.5/ 10

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Immortal Romance II Slot Review

Slot Details

Immortal Romance II is an online slot, the sequel to Immortal Romance, developed by Stormcraft Studios powered by Microgaming online casinos, scheduled to be released on May 28th 2024.

However the slot will be out a month earlier on Yukon Gold Casino under the Early Releases section, on April 18th 2024 so be ready for it.

The game comes with improved graphics, improved engine, tons of features and a max prize up to 15,000x the bet.

Slot Data

Min bet:00.10$
Max bet:20.00$
Max win:15,000x
Provider:Stormcraft Studios
Type:Video Slot
Release:May 2024
Free Spins:Yes
Bonus Features:Yes

Slot Design

Immortal Romance II has the standard 5×3 gameboard with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 fixed paylines.

The slot’s RTP is 96.30%, the volatility is set to HIGH and the hit rate is undisclosed (for now).

The minimum bet per spin starts from 0.10$, while the maximum bet per spin reaches 20.00$, a range that would be ideal for many players.

We are not sure why Stormcraft Studios has went with this betting menu, which offers a few betting preset and an adjuster on the left side, as well as a max bet button. Most modern slots are using now a one click menu with all the wagers available.

The settings menu has only two options which are directly available on the gameboard as well, which are quick spin and sounds. Truth be told we were expecting sounds and music to have separate options just in case someone did not enjoy the music but still wanted sounds.

With that being said, the slot has a playlist which offers a total of 5 songs which will be unlocked as you play the game. To see your progress you can click on the red bar below the gameboard.

A menu will appear showing you how many spins you need to unlock certain gameboard skins and music themes, so it only gets better the more you play.

Overall fantastic animations, incredible symbols and visuals, lovely music and just an excellent presentation from Stormcraft Studios.

Slot Features

  • Wilds: The wilds in the game are the symbols with written Immortal Romance on them, which substitute for all symbols but scatters and character symbols where the gem is present.

In situations where there’s no gem present the wild will substitute even for character symbols like in our case here where Amber showed up and the wild completed a win with her. Overall you will be seeing the wild symbols quite often. Once a winning combination forms it triggers the Rolling Reels feature, removing the winning symbols and introducing new one for a chance for more winnings.

  • Rolling Reels: This feature is active during base game and free spins. When a winning combination is formed it removes the winning symbols and replaces them with new ones. Multiple consecutive wins can be awarded.

This is the animation that’s played and the new symbols follow right away. The feature end when no more winnings are on the gameboard.

  • Wild Multiplier Symbol: Wilds that appear during base game or Amber Free Spins can apply a multiplier. The multiplier increases per roll up, to a maximum of 6x during base game. This multiplier will apply to any win that the Wild completes.

This multiplier shows up quite often so you will be seeing a lot of it.

  • Locking Wild Symbol: Locking Wilds remain on the reels for the duration of rolls and are only removed at the beginning of each spin. This symbol does not appear on reel 1 during base game, wont appear during Sarah’s and Michael’s free spins and will be on reel 3 during Troy’s free spins.

The locking wild has a red border and that’s how it can be distinguished from the normal one. This feature also shows up quite often during gameplay.

  • Amber Free Spins: When this feature is selected, the player gets 12 free spins. During this feature the wild multiplier and locking wild multiplier increase by 3x per roll up to a maximum of 18x.

During this trigger the maximum multiplier we saw was 6x and it did get to multiply a nice win. Our overall payout was 39.5x at the end of the 12 spins.

  • Troy Free Spins: When this feature is selected the player gets 12 free spins. Locking Wilds landing on reel 3 will remain for the duration of rolls and are removed only on new spins. The locking wilds on reel 3 spawn 2 additional locking wilds creating a wild reel. During the rolls the Locking Wild can increase its multiplier up to 3x.

During this trigger we managed to land plenty of wilds and get the wild reel, as well as the 3x multiplier but our total payout wasn’t great only 20.9x.

  • Michael Free Spins: When this feature is selected the player gets 12 free spins. Two three or four reels can sync together. Symbols that land on synced reels will be identical. Symbols that will be rolling in on synced reels will be identical.

We enjoyed this trigger a lot during our testing, as if you get lucky with 4 synced reels you get a decent win, which starts triggering rolling reels for quite a while. Our total payout on this run was 82.8x.

  • Sarah Free Spins: If this feature is selected the player gets 12 free spins. During this feature stacked Mystery symbols appear on the reels which can reveal coin values or any other symbols but scatters. The symbols remain for the duration of the roll and will be removed only on a new spin. Coin prizes can range from 1x to 25x. The multiplier trail increments on each roll up to a maximum of 6x.

We enjoyed this trigger the most, because of the theme, the song and what it offered. We got lucky with the rolling reels and went to a 6x multiplier which lead to a 100x on a single roll. Our overall payout was 127.9x which was the highest from all 4 features.

  • Jackpot Wheel: This feature can trigger randomly when gems are collected. The four jackpots are: Sarah 20x – 1,500x; Michael 10x – 200x; Troy 5x – 75x; Amber 5x -50x. The jackpot wheel can award one of these 4 jackpots or trigger a Wild Desire feature.

We triggered this feature less than 200 spins in the game, hence the jackpot values were very close to their initial values. We landed Troy which gave us only 7.5x at the time. This feature gets better the longer it takes to trigger as the jackpot values grow. This feature shows up very often.

  • Wild Desire: This feature can turn up to 5 reels Wild. This is a single spin feature and to trigger it you need to land 2 blood drop symbols. During this feature rolling reels does not occur. The blood drop symbol appears only on reels 2 and 4. The blood drop can increase the Wild Desire multiplier by 0.5x up to maximum of 3x.

During this feature the gameboard expands to 5×5 with a total of 1024 payways. Our multiplier was 1.5x and we only managed to get 2 Wild reels with not many high paying symbols, which resulted in a total payout of 7.5x.

  • Buy Feature: If you wish to trigger the free spins right away, you can purchase the feature for a 100x.

After playing the game for a while and you have gone through 1,000 spins the wild desire feature with a multiplier 1.5x will be unlocked for purchase.

The cost is 150x, but during our testing we did not find this feature that lucrative. It’s a very hit or miss depending on the amount of Wild reels you get and the amount of high paying symbols. Needless to say from our 15-20 triggers we did not see even a 10x payout.


The fans of Immortal Romance have waited for this day for more than a decade and it’s finally here Immortal Romance II.

The slot is packed with features, has stunning visuals, a handful of theme songs to pick from, four different free spins with different features, jackpots and a max prize of up to 15,000x.

The game does have currently a few visual and audio glitches, but we have reported those back already and will be fixed by the time of the release.

Though the official release is on May 28th 2024, Yukon Gold Casino will get the game exclusively on April 18th 2024 so head over create an account and be ready to test the slot before anyone else.


Mitko Atanasov

Mitko Atanasov is a highly respected expert in the online casino and slot review industry, boasting over 14 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing unbiased and accurate reviews, empowering players to make informed decisions. His vast knowledge and expertise make him a trusted source of information for both novice and experienced players.

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  • What’s the maximum I can win, while playing Immortal Romance II online slot?

    You can win up to 15,000x the bet, where the maximum bet of this slot is 20.00$, so the maximum winnings can be as high as 300,000$

  • Is Immortal Romance II online slot available in my country?

    Immortal Romance II is an online slot available in our promoted Microgaming online casinos. To check the list of the available countries open up the casino review of your choice and scroll down to ‘Available Countries’. If you see your country in the list, the casino takes players from your country and this slot will be available to you. This slot is NOT available in the US through our promoted Microgaming online casinos.

  • What’s the volatility of Immortal Romance II online slot?

    The volatility/variance of the Immortal Romance II online slot is HIGH. What does that mean in terms of win frequency and win size? It means low in terms of hit win frequency and high in terms of win size, when that actually happens. The general rule is the less frequently a slot hits, the bigger the prize is.

  • What’s the RTP of Immortal Romance II online slot?

    The RTP of the Immortal Romance II online slot is 96.30%. What does that mean? That 3.70% of the total bets will be kept by the casino, while 96.30% of the bets on this online slot will be returned to the players as winnings.

  • Why is Immortal Romance II online slot rated 9.5 out of 10?

    We have deducted 0.5 points for the high volatility of Immortal Romance II. However the slot is brilliant, the features trigger quite often so there’s never a dry run. Some of the visuals are locked behind certain amount of spins, but if you enjoy the slot you’d easily unlock them. This is the most anticipated slot for 2024, get ready for it

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Last Updated On: 04-05-2024

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