Top online blackjack variants at casino sites

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A more basic casino site might show you only one version of online blackjack. However, there are several standout types of online blackjack games that you will find at the better casino sites out there.

For example, the following blackjack games are available at Microgaming casino sites.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack rules are quite straight-forward, with the dealer drawing on 16 or less and then standing on 17 to 21.

As the player, you are entitled to double down on any hand you receive, while splitting is permitted with any pair you receive. In this online blackjack variant, you can choose to double after a split, but you cannot split again.

All in all, the Atlantic City rules are pretty generous to players, with insurance paying out at 2 to 1 when the dealer gets an ace. When it comes to blackjack, this is paid out at a higher rate of 3 to 2.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The Vegas Downtown blackjack rules are much more favourable when it comes to splitting cards, as it’s possible to do this up to three times on the same hand.

The rules will allow you to split whenever you have identical cards or else cards with the same value, such as 10s, jacks, queens, and kings. You can play with up to four hands, but only two with split aces.

Vegas Downtown blackjack also allows for you to double down on a hand, and this can be done after receiving your cards.

This blackjack variant will also let you double down if you have split cards. In this version, you will receive a 3 to 2 payout

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Vegas Strip Blackjack

The Vegas Strip blackjack rules state that the shoe must be compromised of four decks of cards.

Doubling down is allowed both before and after splitting cards, which can be performed up to three times with matching cards to create four total hands.

In Vegas Strip, however, you are only allowed to split aces once. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can split any cards with a value of 10 – not just identical cards.

Notably, you will not be considered to have blackjack if you split aces.

Winning on blackjack must be done on hand will usually result in a 3 to 1 payout.

American blackjack

Comparatively, the American blackjack rules are less definitive compared to the precision of Atlantic City, Vegas Downtown, and Vegas Strip.

American blackjack casino sites can tweak the rules slightly, with some card shoes being made from six to eight decks.

Most commonly, the dealer starts with an up-card and a hole card and will check for blackjack if an ace is showing.

Insurance bets are offered when an ace is showing, but the dealer ends the hand if they have blackjack.

Other similar aspects include the option for doubling down, splitting identical cards up to three times (one for aces), and making a late surrender to get back 50% of the stake.

With blackjack, you will receive a 3 to 2 payout.

European Blackjack

The biggest distinction of the European blackjack rules is that the dealer does not have a hole card.

In the beginning, the dealer starts with an up-card and is unable to check for blackjack.

The dealer will only receive their hole card after the player has received both of their cards.

Therefore, the main risk of European blackjack is that you double down on a hand when the dealer could still win.

In American blackjack, you are prevented from doing this, as the dealer checks for blackjack when the up-card shows and ace or a face card.

Both versions deliver a 3 to 2 payout for blackjack.

Another variation between the two is that European blackjack only allows players to split their cards one.

And the only cards that can qualify for this manoeuvre are cards valued at 10.

European blackjack also denies players the option of surrendering and getting back half of their stake.

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Spanish Blackjack

The Spanish blackjack rules are the most surprising of all these variants.

And that is because the Spanish deck removes all four of the 10s to create a 48-card deck, as opposed to the standard 52.

The removal of the 10s means that players only have four kings, four queens, and four jacks with which to split or reach 21.

As a result, Spanish blackjack is a tougher game that swings the advantage even closer to the house.

The next distinction of Spanish blackjack is that you are not restricted in the number of times you can double down.

Some variants can allow for re-doubling, only to offer the option of surrender as a late option. If you hit blackjack, however, then you will earn a 3 to 2 payout.


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