How to Earn from Cashback Casinos

Cashback is a casino bonus system that can become quite convoluted with a proper explanation.

For starters, not all casino cashback bonuses are built upon losses.

In fact, there are plenty of cashback casino sites that can also give you other types of deals.

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Cashback Bonuses on Losses

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This is a good place to start, as earning cashback bonuses on your losses is extremely common.

Basically, these deals will work on the basis that you receive a percentage bonus on the net losses you suffer during a specified period of time.

If you finish the period with funds, then you aren’t eligible for the bonus funds.

As an example, you could receive a 50% bonus of up to £50 if you lose all of your funds.

Obviously, that outcome isn’t entirely ideal, but at least you can start again with a lump sum of bonus funds for your next session.

Ideally, you don’t want to lose, so these bonuses should be viewed as a form of insurance.

Reload Bonuses

A casino site becomes a much better prospect when it routinely provides deposit bonuses during the average week.

In these cases, you can use each of your deposits to receive cashback bonuses.

By combining all of the funds, you can wager with an even bigger bankroll.

Something to bear in mind is that casino sites don’t always stack reload bonuses on top of one another.

So, you could well discover that you have to use your midweek bonus funds before you are able to claim the weekend offer that is coming up.

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VIP Loyalty Rewards

Rewards are earned by expressing loyalty, which is measured through the accumulation of wagering with an online casino.

For this example, you could gradually increase you VIP status by keeping on wagering on games.

Ideally, you want to start seeing some rewards coming your way.

In terms of cashback, you could start getting higher quantities of comp points for the wagers you make.

This is system is not based on winning or losing, so you can actually win and still receive comp points that are exchangeable for cash.

The VIPs who reach the highest levels almost always receive improved conversion rates.

For example, you could receive £1 for every 10 points, whereas a beginner might only get £1 for every 50 points.

As a VIP, it’s also worth knowing about the perks you can receive.

Quite often, it’s common for VIPs to receive no deposit bonuses just for being at a high level.

Maximising cashback potential

Cashback casino bonuses are more common than you realise – the above examples show that.

To maximise the value of cashback, you are going to want to transform the bonus funds into cash. Here are some helpful tips:

• Wagering requirements matter: cashback is treated as a bonus, so there will be play-through requirements. Understanding how many times the funds must be played through is crucial.

• Play the slots: there is a 100% wagering conversion rate for slots. This makes them more effective than any other games for beating wagering requirements.

• Lower your wagers: slots average out their results in the long-term, so lower the value of those spins. This will help you avoid falling victim to a poor run of form before clearing the cashback bonus.

• Don’t take crazy risks: a cashback bonus should not be seen as an extra life in a video game. The bonus has to be cleared, whereas cash allows for instant access to winnings. Play reasonably and the cashback bonus will be a great consolation.

Cashback bonuses allow for you to put insurance in place or else gain a little extra on your deposits. In either case, cashback is a financially viable option for players.

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