The Rat Pack Slot Review

Slot Rating 4/ 10

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The Rat Pack Slot Review

Game details

Imagine if you took The Rat Pack literally, as in a pack of rats rather than the infamous musical trio headed by Frank Sinatra.

In this version, a playful pack of rats take to the stage as the central musical performers.

This online slot is created by Games Global, powered by Microgaming casinos, released in 2009.

In this game the players will spin the reels for a prize up to 30,000 coins.

Slot Data

Min bet:00.30$
Max bet:300.00$
Max win:30,000 coins
Provider:Games Global
Type:Video Slot
Release:March 2009
Free Spins:Yes
Bonus Features:Yes

Slot Design

The Rat Pack online slot has a slightly bigger 5×4 gameboard, consisting of 5 reels, 4 rows and 30 fixed paylines.

The game’s RTP is 96.14% and its variance is set to MEDIUM.

The game’s minimum bet per spin is 0.30$, and the maximum bet per spin is 300.00$, making this online slot virtually for every player out there including high rollers.

The menu is what Games Global has used in many of their slots, but this time it gives us the total bet, so we actually know what we are betting.

This online slot does not have any other buttons, than the Spin button, therefore no Autoplay, so you would have to click to spin.

As seen in the picture, the button is on the right side, and though it looks “clean” those that enjoy to watch the slot spin without actually clicking, will need to be manually doing it in the Rat Pack.

In terms of design, the symbols have received some visual uplift when porting the game from desktop download to browser version, while the jazz music is really nice and soothing, or just noise if you are not into it, but this can be turned off in the menu.

Speaking of menus, it’s only one located in the top left corner, pretty straight forward with a few options, easy to use and navigate.

Slot Features

What makes The Rat Pack slot game stand out would have to be the functional aspects. Beyond the added row of symbols, the special features are also of major benefit to players:

  • Wilds: Microgaming has included a Rat Pack logo as the wild symbol. The symbol substitutes for all symbols but scatters and 2x symbols. The 2x symbols serve as a wild as well substituting for all symbols but scatters.

Our win here has been doubled because of the 2x symbol and paid 300.00$. The combination also blinks, something you can’t see from the picture.

  • Scatters: Pay attention for the golden disc symbols, as these can deliver free spins. Simply land three or more golden discs and the free spins will begin. You could even trigger more when further discs land.

It took us a while to trigger the free spins and we weren’t sure what to expect. When the feature started it did not show any indicators how many free spins there were or how many there were left. The game help menu stated that once you trigger the free spins only the golden discs pay and the more you win the more you’ll get to spin. However it does not state how many spins we get.

This is what we managed to get on a 75.00$ bet per spin or a 12x prize. While the unknown number of spins perhaps is supposed to be exciting and mysterious we did not find this to be the case, as it felt confusing. These days people want to know exactly how many spins are getting, exactly how much more the winning is adding and so on. Being in the dark does not feel adventurous or fun.


The Rat Pack is one of those older online slots, that got transferred from desktop to browser, but did not bring anything new.

Excluding the visual facelift of the symbols, the game offers nothing more than a normal wild, a 2x wild and an unknown number of free spins, that gets increased the more you win, but how much more it’s also unknown.

The max win of the slot is 30,000 coins which on itself it’s much either.

During out extensive test, we managed to trigger the free spins twice, with 3 scatters, and both wins were within the rage of 10x – 12x.

Overall we felt disappointment from this old classic, with the lack of autoplay button as well.

The only thing high in this game is the max bet per spin which is a whopping 300.00$ and may seem lucrative to a high roller, but there are so many better online slots out there why play on this one?


Mitko Atanasov

Mitko Atanasov is a highly respected expert in the online casino and slot review industry, boasting over 14 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing unbiased and accurate reviews, empowering players to make informed decisions. His vast knowledge and expertise make him a trusted source of information for both novice and experienced players.

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  • What’s the maximum I can win, while playing The Rat Pack online slot?

    The maximum win in this slot is 30,000 coins as stated in the paytable menu of this online slot. Looking at the coin values, the maximum possible in the menu is 1.00$ so we assume that the maximum win is 30,000$.

  • Is The Rat Pack online slot available in my country?

    The Rat Pack is an online slot available in our promoted Microgaming online casinos. To check the list of the available countries open up the casino review of your choice and scroll down to ‘Available Countries’. If you see your country in the list, the casino takes players from your country and this slot will be available to you. This slot is NOT available in the US through our promoted Microgaming online casinos.

  • What’s the volatility of The Rat Pack online slot?

    The volatility/variance of the The Rat Pack online slot is MEDIUM. What does that mean in terms of win frequency and win size? It means average in terms of hit win frequency and average in terms of win size, when that actually happens. The general rule is the less frequently a slot hits, the bigger the prize is.

  • What’s the RTP of The Rat Pack online slot?

    The RTP of the The Rat Pack online slot is 96.14%. What does that mean? That 3.86% of the total bets will be kept by the casino, while 96.14% of the bets on this online slot will be returned to the players as winnings.

  • Why is The Rat Pack online slot rated 4 out of 10?

    We have deducted 6 points from The Rat Pack for several reasons: lack of features, besides a 2x wild and unknown amount of free spins, that may or may not be increased, no autoplay button, outdate wagering menu and generally just not a fun online slot to play. While the maximum bet per spin is 300.00$ the maximum win is only 30,000 coins which if the value is the maximum of 1.00$ per coin is only 30,000$. We did not enjoy playing this slot, waiting for the only feature to pop on the screen, which took like forever.

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Last Updated On: 07-22-2023

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