Treasure Ireland Slot Review

Slot Rating 8/ 10

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Treasure Ireland Slot Review

Slot Details

Treasure Ireland is an online slot, developed by Northern Lights Gaming, powered by Microgaming online casinos, scheduled to be released in mid January 2024, and will review this game first on the internet.

The slot has an Irish theme, and a cleaver name, where players will get a chance to win over 5,000x their bet.

While the game menu shows only information about winnings ‘over 5,000x’ the technical sheet shows a max win of 212,000$, or at 40.00$ a total of 5,3000x

Though the game will be officially released in January 2024, it’s currently available in Yukon Gold Casino as an Early Release.

Slot Data

Min bet:00.10$
Max bet:40.00$
Max win:5,300x
Provider:Northern Lights Gaming
Type:Video Slot
Release:January 2024
Free Spins:Yes
Bonus Features:Yes

Slot Design

Treasure Ireland online slot has a slightly bigger 5×4 gameboard, consisting of 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 fixed paylines.

During free spins the gameboard can become up to 5×6, with 6 rows and up to 30 fixed paylines.

The RTP of the game is 96.16%, its volatility is set to MEDIUM and the hit rate is 41.99%.

The minimum bet per spin starts from 0.10$, while the maximum bet per spin reaches 40.00$, making the slot ideal for almost any player out there.

The bet menu is decent, with abilities to pick a bet with a single click, adjust the bet with plus and minus buttons, as well as a minimum bet and a maximum bet button.

Additionally the slot has the Autoplay, the Quick Spins and Sound options directly on the gameboard, and has no extra menu for settings.

In terms of the graphics, the gameboard is positioned in the middle of a ship, with the background containing a few animated elements.

The symbols are very well done, the music is exactly what you would expect from a slot with an Irish theme, and the sounds are also decent.

Slot Features

  • Compass Meter: The compass symbol can land on any reel during the base game. Each reel on the gameboard has a compass below it. Landing the compass symbol on a specific reel will activate the Compass Meter.

The compass under each reel starts by facing north, but with each compass symbol that lands on the reel, starts turning clockwise, until on the 4th landing, become green and triggers the Compass Wild.

  • Wilds: Landing 4 Compass Symbols on a reel to activate the Compass Wild. On the next spin, sticky compass wilds fill that reel. Each spin the compass wild is reduced by 1. The compass wild is saved per bet.

The wild is triggered on reel 5, reel 4 needs 2 more symbols to land to trigger and reel 3 needs just 1. If you change your bet the progress on these meters will be reset.

  • Win Breaker: The Win Breaker meter is located on the top of the gameboard. The minimum value is 10x. Landing 2 scatters on a single spin during base game, adds 1 token to the Win Breaker meter. Collecting 25 tokens will move the player to the next Win Breaker value. There’s no max Win Breaker value.

The value is saved per bet, so changing the bet will reset the counter. However bringing back the same wager will resume the progress. The Win Breaker allows your free spins to continue until you get the Win Breaker amount on a single spin.

The higher the Win Breaker, the better as you would need a big win on a single spin, in order for the free spins to end.

  • Nudging Scatter ReSpins: Landing 2 scatters on the top 3 rows will trigger this feature. Any reel with scatters will be held and nudge down one wild symbol. The other reels will respin. The respins continue until the scatters reach the bottom row or 5 scatter land.

  • Win Breaker Free Spins: Landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters will trigger free spins with Win Breaker value of 1x, 1.5x or 2x, respectively. This mean that if your Win Breaker is currently on 20x, landing 5 scatters will start the free spins on 40x Win Breaker. Your free spins continue until you land that amount on a single spin. During free spins a treasure chest symbol can land on the reels, which can reveal a clover which gives the player a spin on the bonus reel on the left. The bonus reel may award one of the 4 jackpots, extra rows, cash prizes as well as the removing of all low paying symbols and a life line. There are also Win Breaker increments as well.

During our trigger we managed to land 5 scatters, which sent us at Win Breaker of 40x. However during the spins we received increments on that amount and got up to 61x. We received a total of 17 free spins and a total payout of 320.7x

After opening each treasure chest, a wild takes its place, so essentially the chances for a big win increase with each symbol. After getting 7-8 chests, your board is filled with wilds and it’s kind of inevitable not to land a big win, which will trigger the Win Breaker.

  • Buy Bonus: If you wish to buy free spins with 10x, 30x or 60x Win Breaker, you can do so from the Buy Bonus on the left of the gameboard.

The cost for 10x, 30x and 60x are 46x, 106x and 278x respectively. The Win Breaker essentially guarantees you a minimum win of that amount if you get unlucky and you hit the limit on your very first spin.


The Win Breaker feature, allows players to receive an unlimited amount of free spins, as long as they do not go over its value on a single spin.

The higher the Win Breaker limit the higher chance to keep on going.

In addition during the base game, we have the compass meter feature which trigger sticky wilds that nudge down on each spin.

This slot will be released in January 2024, but it’s currently available on Yukon Gold Casino as an Early Release, with a max win up to 5,300x the bet.


Mitko Atanasov

Mitko Atanasov is a highly respected expert in the online casino and slot review industry, boasting over 14 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing unbiased and accurate reviews, empowering players to make informed decisions. His vast knowledge and expertise make him a trusted source of information for both novice and experienced players.

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  • What’s the maximum I can win, while playing Treasure Ireland online slot?

    You can win up to 5,300x your stake, where the maximum bet of this slot is 40.00$, so the maximum winnings can be as high as 212,000$. While the game advertises “over 5,000x” the technical sheet shows a max win of 212,000$

  • Is Treasure Ireland online slot available in my country?

    Treasure Ireland is an online slot available in our promoted Microgaming online casinos. To check the list of the available countries open up the casino review of your choice and scroll down to ‘Available Countries’. If you see your country in the list, the casino takes players from your country and this slot will be available to you. This slot is NOT available in the US through our promoted Microgaming online casinos.

  • What’s the volatility of Treasure Ireland online slot?

    The volatility/variance of the Treasure Ireland online slot is MEDIUM. What does that mean in terms of win frequency and win size? It means average in terms of hit win frequency and average in terms of win size, when that actually happens. The general rule is the less frequently a slot hits, the bigger the prize is.

  • What’s the RTP of Treasure Ireland online slot?

    The RTP of the Treasure Ireland online slot is 96.16%. What does that mean? That 3.84% of the total bets will be kept by the casino, while 96.16% of the bets on this online slot will be returned to the players as winnings. The buy feature increases the RTP to 96.18% which is quite insignificant to be noticed at all.

  • Why is Treasure Ireland online slot rated 8 out of 10?

    We have deducted 2 points from Treasure Ireland for a few quality of life features that are missing, like adjusting music volume and sound volume. This slot introduces a new feature called Win Breaker, allowing players to get unlimited amount of free spins until they go over the limit on a single spin. The slot is scheduled to be released in January 2024, but only now it’s available on Yukon Gold Casino as an Early Release.

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Last Updated On: 11-21-2023

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